playground condos map

Address: 50 Ordnance St, Toronto, ON M6K 0C9
Phone: (416) 360-1311

It is exciting to buy one of the Playground condos! They are new, they were created in 2020, and offer a variety of amenities. The location is amazing and such a property can be a delightful place to live. Not only can you enjoy it for as long as you choose to be there, but you are building up equity. The value of such a condo in this area is only going to continue to increase in value. If you decide to rent it out or sell it down the road, you can make a nice profit from that purchase.


This specific location has continued to grow, due to the demand for more employees and more housing. It is perfect for someone buying their first residence. It doesn’t make sense to continue to rent when you can buy one of the delightful Playground condos. You can decorate it as you desire. It is satisfying to have your own place and to create the environment you desire within that residence.

This historical area has plenty of stories to tell and many residents are proud of that history. They appreciate how this area of Toronto has evolved and grown, yet not forgotten how it got started. There are many warehouses in this area, and they share the legacy of the growth and bringing more jobs to this area. It isn’t uncommon for people to move to this neighbourhood because it puts them much closer to where they work.

What is there to do?

There is no shortage of great amenities both inside the condos and surrounding it. There is a huge swimming pool, access to several parks via marked paths, and plenty of places to eat and shop. It is convenient to have so much right there within walking distance of your condo.

New places to eat and shop are continually being added around the Playground condos. It is convenient to have them so close. You don’t have to worry about parking either because you can walk back and forth. It is fun to go explore the shops with friends or meet up with someone for dinner at a new restaurant.