Playground Condo Developers

The success of any building endeavour is connected to the developers involved with that project. When they listen to the needs of consumers, offer an amazing structure, and the price is fair, consumers are excited about the offers. That is exactly what took place with the development of Playground condos. The developers worked hard to identify the housing challenges and create something the residents would fall in love with from the moment they saw it!

Fernbook Homes


One of the key developers for the Playground condos is Fernbook Homes. They are dedicated to finding the balance between design and functionality for the structures they stand behind. The projects they create are unique, and they get attention because they are visually appealing. At the same time, they don’t cut any corners when it comes to safety and longevity. They go the distance too, including higher end materials and appearances. They are proud to offer some of the most beautiful condos in the area with the Playground project.

For over 3 decades, Fernbook Homes has been involved in various developments around the Greater Toronto Area. They were one of the first developers to reach out and start the growth for housing in Southern Ontario. It is a family owned company and they strive to find the best locations to build upon.

The company puts their customers first. They understand there will be individuals and families living in the homes and condos they create. They want the areas to be safe, full of beauty, and within easy access of places to eat, shop, and explore. Their structures are designed for many different preferences with design. They also offer structures to fit different lifestyles and budgets.

The company has earned many awards for their dedication within the development concepts. Fernbook Homes is a name well-known throughout Ontario due to the many projects they are involved with. They have a great reputation for what they create and getting the work completed on time. The company changes as the needs and demands of consumers change. They look at housing needs, economic factors, the environment, and more to finalise their decisions.

Cityzen Development Group


Another developer involved with this project is Cityzen Development Group. They are widely known for their contributions, especially with condos, in this area. They tend to stick to upscale projects, bringing the precision and high-quality concepts to the equation. This company has set the bar high for design and development. They are a leader of new concepts and designs, giving the condos a fresh appearance inside and out!

Each of the condos they work on are both elegant and functional. They pay attention to the small details including storage space. At the same time, they love adding the amenities that transform a basic living space into something remarkable and incredible! The work of Cityzen Development Group can be found throughout the structures in the Greater Toronto Area.

A great deal of their success stems from the architects they are associated with. They have consulted with and worked with the best from around the world to overcome challenges and implement ideas. The company has been in place almost 30 years, and continues to grow. They invest in talented individuals to be part of their team. Each of the projects they are involved with, including the Playground condos, is different. They consider each project to be a masterpiece and part of the legacy for the company and for the development of Toronto.