Before you secure any condo, take a look at the big picture. The cost and the layout matter, but they are only pieces of the overall puzzle to evaluate. What amenities are offered? Some of them make a huge difference in your level of comfort compared to others. For example, designated parking spots can influence a decision. On the other hand, something like a swimming pool can be something you really want, but you don’t have to have to be happy there.

At Playground condos, a great deal of effort went into the planning. The view from this location didn’t happen by accident! The plentiful places to shop, eat, and explore aren’t due to luck. Instead, it is the result of a strategy put in place to deliver upscale condos with plenty of perks. At the same time, the places are affordable. You never want to be in over your head when it comes to paying for your residence.

Amazing Amenities

The Playground condos aren’t your typical run of the mill place to live by any means! Instead, they offer high-end amenities that help you live the life of luxury on your budget. You shouldn’t feel guilty enjoying these types of extras. It is convenient to have them on site too. It will save you time driving to other locations to enjoy those types of activities.


Beautiful Views

playground condo views

Strive to get a higher floor at Playground condos so you can take in the lovely views from a better vantage point. One of the views you will see is Lake Ontario. You will also see the settlement area of Fort York. There are 35 stories at this location wirh a total of 432 condos. The floor to ceiling windows offers the best view possible.

The Space you Desire

condo rooms

You will have the space you desire when you buy one of the Playground condos. You can choose from a one or two bedroom space. Some of them offer a den too, adding more room for a home office. Of course, you can use that space any way you like!

The spacious kitchen area is something most of the tenants fall in love with. They have able room for storage, preparing meals, and entertaining guests. Each unit features a microwave and dishwasher for added convenience. In the bathroom, you will find both a walk-in shower and a soaking tub.

Exceptional lighting is part of the lovely design within these condos. You will appreciate the way it accents the beauty of your space. Throughout these condos, there are storage areas and large closets. You aren’t going to be struggling to find space for all of your belongings.

Extras you with Love!


Spend time at the Olympic-sized swimming pool this building offers! It can be a fun place to get daily exercise by swimming laps. It can be your go-to spot to relax and have some fun. This will be a popular area, and you can meet some of your neighbours when you hang out in this large pool. Due to its size, it can accommodate plenty of people without it seeming overcrowded. The splash pool for the young ones is safe and a fun place for the entire family to hang out.

The on-site gym is a huge selling point at Playground condo. Staying fit is important, and you won’t have to find a gym or pay for a gym membership. This gym also includes a sauna and steam room. Yoga classes are offered, and it is easy to find sessions that fit your schedule and your fitness level.

For families, the indoor playroom is a dream come true! It isn’t always warm enough to go to the park. It can be a challenge to keep a close eye on multiple children at the same time at an open park. This enclosure is fun, safe, and only for those that live in the Playground condo (and guests they have with them).

Don’t forget the movie theatre where you can see blockbuster movies when they first come out. This is ideal for family bonding, date night, or even a girl’s night together. The stadium seats are comfortable and there is a game room to enjoy before or after the show.

Lots to Explore Close By!

In addition to the layout and décor within your Playground condo, there are plenty of extras around your property you will love! They include the large park, spacing over four acres. This is a beautiful place to relax, go for a walk, and enjoy the outdoors. The appearance of the park changes throughout the year with the different seasons too. It is fast and easy to access the pathways to this main part as well as several smaller ones in the proximity.