Where you live is important, it influences your commute to work or school. It influences how comfortable you feel due to your surroundings and the overall safety. Living in a condo in King West Village can be a dream come true. Playground condos are close to the university too, making them a great choice for anyone working on their education.

Living in a new structure is also exciting, and it means the place will require very little maintenance. Investing in a place to live means you don’t throw away money each money for rent. It also means you can decorate it how you like. It is fun to meet your neighbours and create relationships with those that live close by.

Beautiful Structure to Invest your Money in

Where you choose to live should give you plenty to be happy about! Playground condos offer a beautiful structure with an amazing view! The location offers one or two bedrooms and the option of a den. The large kitchen space and large bathroom along with ample storage space make them very appealing!

The investment into one of these condos is something you can count on to grow. You get the value from living there for as long as you like. If you decide you would like to sell it later on you can do so without losing your money. The forecast for this area is additional growth over the next 10 years. This means the condo will be worth substantially more in the future than it is when you commit to the purchase.

Safe Area

Feeling comfortable with your surroundings is important. Playground condos go the distance to make sure the area is safe for those that reside there or visit people living there. The security cameras cover the parking area and the entrance/exit to the building. There is security inside the building too, giving residents peace of mind.

The Board of Directors consists of people that live in the Playground condos. Their role is to create policies that are fair but also provide the best safety and privacy for residents. You can opt to be part of the Board of Directors or you can go to the meetings and let your opinions on the discussed topics be heard.

Tons of Perks

When you purchase a condo at Playground, there are tons of perks that come with it! This includes a huge swimming pool, a gym with plenty of newer equipment, and even yoga classes. There is a playground area for children and a movie theatre all on the premises. Tenants have access to parking, which is important if you own a vehicle. If you rely on public transportation, there are several options close to the condos.

Economic Concepts

This area continues to experience exceptional growth, and this makes it an attractive location to reside. There are plenty of jobs around this area, and many of them pay quite well. You don’t want to live beyond your means check. There is public transportation too, giving a simple way to commute to and from surrounding areas.

New schools, community centres, libraries, and other structures continue to be built in this area. Getting a condo at Playground while they are available is a great investment. It places you in the heart of all the activity. At the same time, the history of this area is well-preserved, and it is something you can both appreciate and take pride in.

Exceptional Location

Living at Playground gives you access to plenty of places to explore. You can walk in any direction from your condo to explore the beauty of the area. This includes walking and bike paths to various parks and other outdoor recreational areas. This neighbourhood is full of great places to eat and shop.

It doesn’t matter if you want a simple cup of coffee and a place to check your email or an upscale romantic dining experience. It is fun to go into the various shops to see the unique items they offer. When you have company, it will be easy to fill up the time with attractive places you can take them.